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Terminus icon Run system commands within an eye-pleasing environment with the help of this modern, stylish, and highly customizable Command Prompt/Terminal emulator

It's almost common knowledge that both macOS and Linux have far better native command line tools and things are even better when it comes to third-party options to chose from, with Windows users being left behind.

Don't get us wrong, there are various terminal emulators for Windows out there, however a surprisingly high number of them are not exactly free, some lack important features, and most of them still look too outdated.

That said, just like Hyper (from which it draws inspiration) before it, Terminus is an Electron-based terminal emulator that works on all major OSes out there and aims to provide you with a powerful, modern and incredibly-customizable environment for running commands.

Here's why this might just become your favorite terminal emulator for Windows

For starters, you should know that it works perfectly with both CMD and PowerShell, and even better, it also supports Bash, Cygwin, Git-Bash on Windows.

One of the app's highlights is definitely its attractive, multi-tabbed GUI. In fact, this may very well be the most the terminal emulator with the most customization possibilities out there.

It boasts a few color schemes, and basically, almost everything regarding its looks (and lots of functionality parameters, as well) can be thoroughly tweaked, either from the Settings section or with the help of various plugins/themes.

For instance, you can customize the font, the color schemes, the background colors, the cursor shape, the way the cursor should blink, the position of the tabs, and other aspects such as these.

Things are looking rather good in the features department, as well. You can dock the app on any side of the screen, drag and drop files and folders to paste paths, and configure hotkeys for an extensive set of actions. It's also worth pointing out that it features full Unicode support.

Things that could be better

Please note that the utility is still in an Alpha development stage, so some bugs here and there are to be expected. Surely enough, this app deserves some praise, however, it's definitely far from perfect.

Sadly, the Tab Persistence feature is not available for Windows users (for now, at least). Lastly, let's talk a bit about the elephant in the room. Just like most Electron-based apps, Terminus also suffers from the high resource consumption problems and, typing the scales at somewhere about 350 MB on our system, yes, it's not exactly lightweight either.

Its advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages

Be that as it may, there's no denying that this is a fairly interesting application that has a lot of advantages and not that many disadvantages.

At the end of the day, though, one thing's pretty clear, this app will definitely do the trick for most Windows users who find the CMD and the PowerShell to be something close to an eyesore and who think that they're not worthy-enough as default tools for the world's most popular OS at the moment.

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Terminus was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
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Terminus 1.0.0 Alpha 59

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