Not a Surface Phone per se, but still boasting such features

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Microsoft’s Surface Andromeda is a device that made the rounds several times in the past even though the software giant hasn’t specifically confirmed its existence.

And more recently, it was speculated that the software giant delayed the project for at least a year, even considering to kill it off entirely if development doesn’t advance as planned.

However, a new discovery provides us with a closer look at what Surface Andromeda could end up being if it ever sees daylight, with language packs published on the Microsoft Store confirming telephony features.

Whether or not Andromeda would boast phone capabilities has been the subject of a months-long debate, but as it turns out, the device is very likely to come equipped with such features. AL came across references to a call recording option, as well as further indications of a dual-screen approach.

Users may be allowed to wake up or put to standby a specific screen by simply double-tapping it, though there’s a chance that this behavior would only work depending on the active form factor.

Windows Hello support

Furthermore, Andromeda will be able to run all Microsoft UWP apps published on the Microsoft Store, but at the same time, its capabilities will be further enhanced with support for dedicated Andromeda apps, exclusively available for download for this device. Third-party devs will also be allowed to create Andromeda apps to take advantage of the features on this product.

The leak points to more hardware coming to the market on Andromeda, like a Windows Hello iris scanner, but also a fingerprint sensor, which means that Microsoft plans to offer a mix of the two for more convenient authentication at all times.

There are no specifics as to when Andromeda could see daylight, but as I said above, the uncertain state of the device means not only that we may have to wait up to one year to see the product on the market, but also that it may be killed before getting the go-ahead.

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