Yet another Samsung phone catches fire all of a sudden

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 saga is long gone, but the South Korean firm can’t really leave the whole thing behind, as new models catch fire occasionally for no clear reason.

The latest to be involved in such an incident is a Galaxy S7 Edge, which froze and shut down unexpectedly when the owner wanted to take a picture.

Based in Morocco, the Samsung customer explains that the device failed to turn back on and a few seconds later it “spontaneously went up in flames.”

“I had a couple nearby towels catch fire too, thought my kitchen was gonna burn down for a moment,” reddit user rokhana explains.

Samsung originally refused to replace the phone because the device was already out of warranty, but after the incident gained more exposure, both Samsung US and Samsung Morocco got involved.

“They apologized and said the issue should have been better handled by the store,” the phone owner says.

Samsung wanted photos removed from the WWW

Samsung offered to give rokhana a new Samsung Galaxy S9, but in return, they asked for all social media posts to be removed. According to the post, this wasn’t an attempt to prevent the story from making the headlines, but to avoid fraudulent claims.

“They explained that the reason they wanted me to remove the posts was to prevent others from making unfounded/fraudulent claims. Apparently, they've had people grab damaged Note 7 pictures from legitimate complaints on Twitter and email them pretending their phones have burned up and asking for a replacement,” the S7 owner explains.

After rokhana originally refusing to agree with this deal, thinking that Samsung just wants the incident to go away, the South Korean firm decided to offer a replacement phone with no conditions attached.

“We had a friendly chat and she asked me to drop by the store to pick up an S9, no strings attached, but said it would be appreciated if I made an update on the resolution. I picked up the phone this evening.”

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Exploded Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Exploded Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeExploded Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
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